Camouflage Postad av: Archileaks, Datum: 2014-10-23

New Exhibition at FFAR: Camouflage – the background melts into the body. 

Art, fashion and architecture negotiating the threshold between ourselves and our surroundings Oct 24 – Nov 9. 

The body, that´s you. Your eyes, nose and skin. From your fingertips to the soles of your feet, inside and out – experiencing, anticipating and reacting. The environment, thats everything else. The pavement you walk, the information you exchange, the spaces you inhabit. But the distinction is a smoke screen. You are part of the environment, and the environment is part of you. There is an overlap, a threshold condition between yourself and your surrondings. This exhibition is about that threshold and the ways it can be expressed and reimagined.

Let's call it 'camouflage'. You can think of it as a shortcut to being aware of your surroundings and your place in it, both at the same time and one dependant on the other. Not only does the body melt into the background – the background melts into the body.

Ringvägen 141, Stockholm.
On view Oct 24 – Nov 9.
Opening party Oct 24 18.00 (with music and drinks)

Camouflage – the background melts into the body' is produced by Björn Ehrlemark and Carin Kallenberg in collaboration with FFAR – forum för arkitektur.

Works by:

[krig] makes interactive spatial installations that merges performance, textile craft and electronic sounds. [krig] is Jon Perman and Karin Bäckström. (Sandviken/Stockholm, SE)

Adam Harvey researches and develops art about privacy and counter-surveillance technologies. (New York, US)
Roeland Otten works with a conceptual approach in the fields of art, design and architecture. (Rotterdam, NL)
Sabina Keric & Yvonne Rundio are communication designers.
(Berlin/Cologne, DE)
SPELLS is a concept that solves the problem of how the fashion system can be maintained in a world where material consumption is no longer possible. It is created by Ingrid Cogne, Hedda Viå and Erik Annerborn. (Stockholm, SE) 
Björn Ehrlemark & Carin Kallenberg are founders of Neighbours of Architecture, which points out new directions architecture might be heading by the power of example.
FFAR (forum för arkitektur) is an exhibition, event and debate space presenting a broader perspective on contemporary architecture. Founded in 2010, FFAR invites both theorists and practitioners to engage in, and thereby forward, contemporary architectural debate.